the little price left his small planet ..he had a rose and some trees ..but he wanted to find a friend..he felt lonely he was alone in his nice planet with his rose,but he thought somewhere else..he will find a friend he was alone in too many stars

he left his samll planet to find a friend..he traveleld a long way and all the stars were shining in his eyes..he was coming to earth..he tought this blue planet is somewhere he can find love,and his true friend..

.. but he is not arrived yet!!the little prince is lost between milions of stars he is lost..what will happen to his lonely rose? what will happen to the trees??

oh the little prince is lost and i don't know when will he come??maybe he is lost forever..

after this whenever i look at the stars i will love them all ..just because of a lonely rose wich is waiting in one of them

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